30 words 2020 gave practical meanings- Elekwachi Champion

It is normal for Nigerians to attach meanings to words based on there sounds or situations surrounding them.

Nigeria is fun to live in and hard to adapt with- ECJ Champion.

The year 2020 practically developed words cum phrases and assigned meanings to them naturally.

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These meanings will forever remain indelible in the world because this time around, Nigeria was not only hit but the globe entirely.

Most of this words have been in existence without our knowledge. Some of them we knew they existed but with different meanings and few of them emanated owing to all we passed through this year.


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So this year 2020, we learnt these words practically:

  • 1. Lockdown
    2. Isolation
    3. Sanitizer
    4. Shelter in play
    5. Social distancing
    6. Physical distancing
    7. Soro Some
    8. Protest
    9. #EndSARS
    10. #EndBadGovernment

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  1. Chwenchy Chwency, a year of rese fere sere
  2. Palliative
  3. Phase
  4. Presidential Address
  5. Presidential speech
  6. Loud and clear
  7. #LekkiTollGateMassacre
  8. #FasholaChallenge
  9. Facemask
  10. Nose mask

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  1. Face shield
  2. Off your mic
  3. Feigned Fainting
  4. Be calming down
  5. Swat
  6. Curfew
  7. Hoodlums

  8. Massacre

  9. SARS

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