After talking to your friend who has finally agreed to let you live with him/her, you excitedly begin to pack your clothes into a bag, preparing to travel to the economic capital of Nigeria, Lagos state.

Wait a minute! Before you get on that bus or plane to the state that prides itself on being the center of excellence, there are eight important things you need to know and what to expect from the people living there.

  1. Everyone is in a hurry.

If you think Barry Allen is fast, then you haven’t met a Lagosian who is two minutes late to an interview or meeting up with a customer.

In Lagos, time is seen as a currency, so unless you want to get screamed at or pushed aside, you should increase your normal walking pace.

  1. Mediators often get betrayed.

Listen carefully; don’t try to play UN by interfering in a conflict between two strangers.

Trust us, don’t!

If you see two strangers fighting, try your best to ignore them, but in a situation when the fights start to get violent, call 911 or look for an officer around.

While it’s good to be your brother’s keeper, sometimes interfering might either get you in trouble or turn both parties against you.

  1. Keep an eye out for pickpockets.

You are probably wondering, “How do I identify pickpockets?” The truth is, you don’t.

They can be anybody, which is why you should never trust a stranger to watch your handbag or wallet while you use the toilet or get something.

When walking, always be wary of the people around you, and occasionally check your bags and pockets to see if your valuables are still intact.

  1. Pothole troubles

If you are planning to drive your car around town, please prepare those beautiful tires for the plenty of potholes they are going to encounter.

Potholes and Lagos roads are 5 and 6, the best of friends.

  1. Crazy bus drivers.

Despite the size and deplorable condition of the bus, Lagos drivers still find a way to prove that the amount of speed a race car can achieve, a danfo bus can do better.

In addition to their need for speed skills, many Lagos bus drivers are notoriously rude.

  1. The Pokenosers’ association, Lagos chapter

This group of people, often consisting of a nosy neighbour and an annoying stranger, never mind their business.

Expect a stranger to call you aside to:

a) reprimand you for what you are wearing,

b) randomly ask about your age and

c) command you to greet them like it’s their birthright.

  1. Many Lagosians are angry and frustrated.

For every Lagosian, there is always something to be angry about.

If it isn’t that bus conductor who refused to give a complete change, it would be that boss at work who keeps setting impossible deadlines.

So, try as much as possible not to make them angrier.

The best advice would be to mind your business and resist the urge to say unwise and insensitive words.

  1. Step down your fashion game.

Unless you are taking an Uber or carpooling with a friend, opt for a minimal style of dressing.

The Lagos transportation system can choose to disappoint you by having that white designer gown turn half brown while you are struggling for a bus.

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With the information above, you are one step closer to becoming a certified Lagosian.

We await your arrival!!!😁

Source: The Guardian



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