International Women's Day

A fight for women’s right, not equality with men- Elekwachi Champion

A fight for women’s right, not equality with men- Elekwachi Champion

Today, I support women in raising their voices and taking their places in the society; not fighting for equality with men.

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Over the years, women have ignored the fight for their rights and focused on being equal with men. This is not a battle to win.

Women are strong and created in their own way just like men are created differently. Each has his/her peculiarities special and unique on them.

Fighting to be equal with the other is not a battle to be won owing that naturally and religiously; woman is not equal to man.

Each should find his/her place and establish therein, and non should intimidate the other by suppressing their rising.

A woman’s right is not to be equal with man but to have her place undenied in the affairs of life because she’s a woman.

As we celebrate women today, I wish to let us answer these questions sincerely.

  1. Is the goal ‘Gender Equality’ or ‘women having their rightful places in the society without obstructions’?

  2. Are men and women really equal?

  3. What makes them equal and why are they unequal today?

Discuss extensively

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in the world.
The world without you is a mess.

©Elekwachi Champion
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