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If you’ve been looking for a way to make your business more visible and make more sales. Here you are already… This is the cheapest Advert rate you can find on the internet today.


  1. We register businesses with CAC, SMEDAN, DUNS, etc.
  2. We create all kinds of websites and blogs and can also manage it for our clients.
  3. We create YouTube channels and other social media handles and can manage them also for clients.
  4. We’re Graphics Designers and Real Estate Facilitators.
  5. We are Ethical Hackers and Telecommunications agents for all kinds of bills and subscriptions.

We still remain the most trusted business in the space for honesty and integrity.


Pay just N1k (Naira) only and have your business advertised on my page.

I will post your write-up and products too and also tag you with your phone number so customers can contact you directly.

Pay into this account and come inbox👇

Sterlingfox Network

Send your products and proof of payment and your ad will start running immediately.

Please note: If your business is not genuine I will refund you immediately.

And if you’re not okay with paying into my business account you can come inbox so I give you my personal bank details.

I don’t want to share it publicly 🙏

Check us out on,
Sterlingfox Network

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