Covid-19: 100 Reactions of Nigerians

Covid-19: A Worm or A Repair? – Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion


  1. I don’t want any human to proffer solution to its cure.
  2. I don’t want the pandemic to subside now.
  3. I want it continue, but without killing people (both rich and poor).
  4. I want it to stop without human contributions.


  1. If the Church prays this out now; all this fake prophets will take the glory. They are already predicting the cure and eradication over time. They’re in competition to know whose prediction will match the cure.
  2. If the scientists find the solution to Convid-19, they’ll continue disregarding God, and the Church will become very irrelevant.
  3. If Corona Virus evacuates now, the world will turn back to it’s former state, because as at now; we’ve not learnt our lessons.

I know you might not like this view, but I’m sure what I’ve said is true.


I still believe that the fact that the Church and religion at large lost it’s place in the space does not mean God has less power in curing Covid-19.

Let’s watch what we say and watch God do what he knows best. Also read: Why Worry? by Elekwachi Champion


The secret of the secret place is the secret place.

The only way to learn how to pray is by praying.

The only way to deal with prayerlessness is by singing.

Our worship is our weapon; this is how we win our battles.

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