Do people accept truth? – Elekwachi Champion

The worst people I’ve encountered on earth are those who discover the truth and refuse to accept or implement it.

In my studies, I observed we have them more in Africa.

Muslims and Christians have them more than atheists and traditionalists.

They told you something in 1980 and you discovered the truth in 2020 but refused to accept or change to it because the persons that told you lies are still alive.

You refused to accept it because it will contradict what you previously believed.

You refused to accept the truth because they will say you’ve deviated from the road they showed you.

You refused to accept the truth because they (your elders) will deprive and deny you of some rites.

You denied the truth you discovered because of how you will be seen by the society.

Last night I was discussing technological advancements with the love of my life and how we can use them to promote the gospel of our Lord and savour Jesus Christ and advance the kingdom of God, we eventually noticed so many of us are not ready to accept change.

We talked of how the gospel translated from a spoken word to tablet, to stone, to scroll, to parchment, to so many technological innovations before getting to the print media, and now we’re using them on mobiles as Apps and softwares.

Now, if there were not Christians who were interested in translating the word to the newest technologies of their times, we won’t have Bible to read today.

Some of the truths and changes we’re fighting today are supposed to be a weapon for kingdom advancement tomorrow if we’re open to accept them. But ignorance and bigotry will not allow us.

I keep saying that some of us are holier than God Himself.

We’re avoiding the 20th century sins and committing that of the 21st century because of our ignorance.

Africans, embrace change!

Christians, accept truth.

Let me not even talk about dressing before they start calling to disturb my parents in the village 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

One day I will talk about lifestyle generally and face the sanctions of our church elders.

See eehh,
Let us study to show ourselves approved….

As you do so, ask questions. Change!

The wake-up call here is CHANGE!

Don’t be too fanatical that you won’t know when the truth you’re actually trying to protect is finally unveiled.

Be fanatical to protect your faith, but be open to accept the truth about your faith and then, change when the truth becomes true.

✍️ Elekwachi Champion

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