Flash: Elekwachi Champion to launch YouTube videos


Having observed that my writings are too long to read by many, I’ve decided to start making (short clips) 5mins videos as a way of summarising what’s on my mind.

On this note, I will be launching my first YouTube video very soon.

The aim of this videos that won’t exceed 5mins is to avoid so long a letter I’ve been bringing your way.

#SterlingfoxTV will be powering the live series of ‘Light and Salt’ and other editions in the nearest future.

Dearly beloved, I plead with you to encourage me by watching these very short videos each time they come your way as I’ve programmed it in a way it won’t consume much data.

Thanks so much by standing for me to this point.

I’ll always remember your contributions.

©Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion

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