Forget Religion- Elekwachi Champion J. Chukwudi

Forget Religion- Elekwachi Champion J. Chukwudi


If I never grew a Christian and acquired this level of education I have now, I would have still believed in that Jesus Christ.

This is why👇👇👇
After studying Philosophy and History (ranging from the Anglo-Saxon period to this contemporary era)….

After avoiding religious books and reading secular ones (like: 48Laws of power, Antiquities of the Jews, etc)….

I then ventured into Anthropology and discovered that Jesus really existed on earth at a time, and based on what was recorded about him by Atheists, he was the best man that ever lived on earth.

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He didn’t even come to start a religion. He lived to show humanity the best lifestyle that can heal the earth.

Mistakenly, many have converted his teachings and lifestyle into a religion, cult and denominations, bringing his efforts to the floor and making mockery of it; allowing others to think it was fake.

If after studying widely I found out that my parents lied to me, I would have dropped the Bible. However, since they didn’t lie to me, I’ll carry the Bible jealously (till death) as I aim at living like that Jesus.


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