My master did freedom for me in December 2014, having been an apprentice for approximately 2 years.

I was a fast learner, tenacious and resilient during my time with him.

Three years after my independence, I was bidding for a contract at one place in Ilorin.

The site supervisor told me that another Tiler was also bidding for it but anything could happen anyway.

I persisted because, in the art of doing business, there will always be competitors chasing the bag with you.

I never backed down. I kept pressing so that the work would be mine.

The following week when I got to that site, I was fortunate to meet the owner. The supervisor was also around.

I managed to convince the landlord and he promised to give me the work as soon as they were ready.

While rounding off the conversation, unknown to me, the supervisor waved at someone who was driving by.

I was facing them while I backed the road side.

When I looked back, I saw the rear view of my Master’s car — the Oga who taught me tiling.

The supervisor told me that the man he waved to was the tiler he was talking about who had come earlier bidding for the contract.

“Is that not Oga Abbey?”

“Yes, do you know him?” The supervisor inquired.

“Haa! He is my Oga! In fact, I am his first apprentice that did freedom three years ago.”

Afterwards, I solemnly told them:

“I withdraw from pursuing this work. I can’t drag, not to talk of taking food away from the mouth of my Master. I can’t bite the finger that fed me.

Kindly award the contract to him, please.”🙏

I left.

When he wanted to start the work, he called me to lend him two of my apprentices.

I have more students than my boss, so I usually send some of them to go to work with him when we are not too busy.

When he described the place they were supposed to do the work, It was the same building that we were both bidding.

I surprised him by going there with my boys. I worked from morning to evening without collecting a kobo from him.

He was so happy and thankful.

A week later, I got another contract that was 2 times bigger than that. I did it and made my money with fulfilment.


👉 Never outshine your master, no matter what the situation .(48 laws of power).

👉 Never rent a shop close to your Oga’s especially if you are selling the same thing or rendering the same service. It’s betrayal.

👉 Never hijack the customers or clients of your Master no matter how juicy the offer is. It’s poisönous.

👉Never badmouth, malign or talk down your boss because of your selfish interest. What goes around comes around.

👉 The sky is wide enough for all birds to fly without collision. If you move away from the Kingdom of your Master, God will create an Empire for you.

This life is complex. We’ve got to play our part to make the best out of it. That’s why I write to right. Onireke is a flawed personality; I can’t always be right. Take the message and let’s beseech God to better our lives so that we can emerge victoriously.

© ✍️ #Rèké
Amusa Afeez Onireke
[email protected]
February 1st, 2023.
Lagos, Nigeria.

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