Kuli Kuli Billionaire: Nelly Agbogu blasts Angela Job

I woke up this afternoon to this SMS from Angela Job Emodiae the alleged billion in sales Kuli Kuli seller
and my heart sank then came online to see all the caricature post she has made online about this situation.
You see, I am one person who loves to see business owners win that’s why my business and nbctradefair is centered all around business growth.

So when I saw the screenshot about Angela flying around (I wasn’t the first to post it but I understand my page gave it the virality) what was in my pure heart was just excitement to see another business owner winning.

Then I went through Angela’s page and saw she had mentioned me so I felt comfortable to reach out and maybe learn something too cos I am always a student of life. We spoke (I made a post about that) and she assured (check screenshots in the comments ) me her numbers were real that was when I posted it.

All I was happy to do was to celebrate a business owner like I usually do on my Instagram. Little did I know I was being taken for a ride?

And to emphasize on this:

  1. She never paid me a dime
  2. It was never an investment I posted just sharing for free a business owner story to encourage others (God knows I have seen investment dramas to last me for years so I stay away from them by all means)

This was just me posting a business owner as my heart pleases & also encouraging others in any business that growth is possible.
(I even wanted to bring her live on Instagram to share how she does it so others can learn.)

But I guess I need to learn this app more.

Do more findings before posting anyone even if the person confirms it’s true I should have asked more questions.

Everyone who knows me knows I don’t want drama in my life.

And for those saying all sorts on their pages, if you have something to say, speak to me directly, we are all learning in the school of life and I learn everyday that is why I excel in all I do.

Finally, leave Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze out of this.
She chose not to post her but I did thinking I was genuinely praising a business owner not knowing she had other ulterior motives.


Source: Nelly Agbogu on Facebook

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