Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph

Light and Salt 5- Elekwachi Champion

  • If what you do makes you afraid, stop it.

If the situations around make you afraid, forget it and trust God.

You have no justified reason to fear in life.


  • Christianity without positive impact on humanity is insanity.


  • Your features have a lot to say about your future.


  • If your heart can conceive it, your hands can achieve it.


  • Get not daunted when taunted.


  • When the wind of life blows, put your trust in the Lord.

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  • When your NEIGHBOUR is blessed, be happy and expectant, God is in the NEIGHBOURHOOD.


  • Comparison is the game of fools.

The sky is too wide for everyone to fly.




Compiled by: Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph BA.Ed, MNIM.


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