Hon. Chief Emmanuel Enyereibenyemonyegaraenyem Okewulonu (Ikeoha Okigwe/Gburugburu), has caused another memorable, commendable & wonderful excitements in Okigwe zone.

Many people are still surprised that Mr. Surpriser, can do this.

When everybody had concluded Christmas season, concluded & ended gifting people in the name of Happy Christmas & Happy New Year.

When a lot of people had started saving for January expenses or started making payments for inevitable January bills, especially rents & school fees, Chief Emma Okewulonu (Ikeoha Okigwe/Gburugburu) said no, that his wives need to be totally settled.

There was just a minor complain in the first week of January, that some Widows in Okigwe zone were yet to receive their annual Christmas cum New year gifts from Chief Emma Okewulonu, particularly pieces of wrapper, bags of rice, money, etc. Unlike others, Chief Emma Okewulonu (Ikeoha Okigwe/Gburugburu) did not say that one has gone, he did not say, next time, but he practically went into the market, to start buying again. He first told all his Co-ordinators in Okigwe zone, to count & recount all those women that are yet to get their own, at the end of everything, just last weekend, precisely on the 13 & 14th of January, 2023, Chief Emma Okewulonu distributed another sets of his 2022 gifts for all the Widows in Okigwe zone who had not gotten: and they women were more than happy, in fact, they were happier than those that collected theirs, last month, December 2022.

When Antiquity News Desk International (ANDI) heard about it, the Editor rushed to confirm the information, and it was not just authentic information, it was very practical, memorable & fantastic.

When our Correspondent asked Chief Emma Okewulonu why he did that again, in less than three weeks, he said, “Aku zuo ónu, iroh a laa …. what am doing, or what I do, which I started about 20 years ago, is not politics, but it is a promise I made to God that as far as He gives me life, I will help people, especially Widows, as much as possible, it’s not just to give them cloths, condiments, rice, money or other things, I equally employ some of their children, boost their businesses & other needs that I may not enlist now.

My joy is to see these Women smile & be happy, and as their husband, I will do my best to ensure they are regularly treated & gifted well”, Chief Emma Okewulonu said.

Continuing, Ikeoha Okigwe said, “what I just did is not politically motivated, of course you know I started it about 20 years ago when there was no pressure for me to come out & represent my people at the Senate, when I never thought I would join politics, that’s why, the gifts are for all Widows, not for political parties, not for campaign, but for my wives, Widows in Okigwe zone.

In 2020, when I won the by-election in Okigwe zone, but the government in power denied me the opportunity to represent my people at the Senate, I did not go home to rest or say I will not help the Widows & Indigent people again, I still spent more that year & shared to the Widows & Indigent persons in Okigwe zone; some people then asked me if I could not have a break, but I told them, though not a debt, but I have to do it as if it is a debt, because it’s a promise I made to the Almighty God”, Ikeoha Okigwe concluded.

Then the questions are: what type of man is Ikeoha? What type of heart does he has? ….

The answers are, “Ikeoha is a genuine man who do genuine, uncommon & unique things without segregation, isolation or discrimination, he is an Uncommon Philanthropist, whose uncommon gestures are second to none”.

Secondly, “Ikeoha has a heart❤️ of Gold, a compassionate heart, a very large & merciful heart, Ikeoha nwere obi Nwanne”.

May the Almighty God continue to bless him, Ikeoha Okigwe/Gburugburu more & more, in Jesus Christ Mighty Name …. Amen !!!

Source: Antiquity News Desk International (ANDI)

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