MEN ARE IN SIZES – Elekwachi Champion


Two of the many lines of humility I learned from my Dad are:

  1. Men are in sizes.
  2. All fingers are not equal.

Then I added before number one, “life is in phases”.

And my pastor added after number two, “but your finger should not be the shortest”.

Don’t get confused as you read this, because me sef is getting overwhelmed by what I’m putting together in this one post.

Let me just yan my yan first.

Anywhere we get confused we stop🤷‍♂️

Life is in phases and men are in sizes.

I’ve once visited a man who’s line cannot recharge any airtime less than N3K.

It’s not pride ooo…
It’s just the kind of line he’s using.

I know my uncle who’s minimum bank balance is N5k, when mine is zero account🤦‍♂️

My shame dey shame me as I write this seff.

Someone recently said he can’t remember the last time he entered the bank to withdraw cos he uses ATM.

I smiled and didn’t reply him because I know men are in sizes.

Some men use USSD code for their transactions.

Others use ATM machines.

Many use bank mobile apps.

There are still ones that use tokens.

Don’t forget there are men that can’t pull money until they use teller.

I even have an account that I can’t withdraw naira from even when if I enter the bank and meet a teller.

Remember there are men that only need to make a call and their transactions are concluded immediately.

I just recalled now that there are men of calibre who are already too big that they use the bank itself to bank.

All these are dependent on how much you worth nwanne✌️

Have you forgotten how your USSD code cannot transfer more than N20k, yet one small man wearing shorts uses same to transact millions.

It all depends on who you are.

All fingers are not equal, but your own should not be the shortest.

I just learned there is a height no one has ever reached in that your field of endeavour.

Aim at that height.

The sky is too wide for every bird to fly.

We all see life from different perspectives because we’re at different rungs of the life’s ladder.

Stop arguing with your little knowledge and poor state.

Trust God better and work harder so you can begin to see life from the perspective of the rich and learned.

You’re poor, unexposed, uneducated, unlearned, untravelled, lazy and unadventurous; yet all you do is argue with your little data subscription of 24hrs instead of learning from those above you.

Stop it!🙄

•Go and learn
•Go and make money
•Go get spiritual
•Get serious life changing connections

Then come back later and see you’ll talk better and argue less.

This one you’re getting angry already ☹️
I’m not writing this to insult you oooo🤷‍♂️
I just want to challenge you so you can become the best of you.

I still love you😁


✍️ Elekwachi Champion

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