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Elekwachi Champion
                                                                                 Elekwachi Champion

I could recall a supposed in-law saying that all those who studied in FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri) have not being considered for a job opportunity let alone Champion studying in Alvan (AIFCE). I smiled. Well, she eventually achieved her aim of saying that.

My cousin then told me to my face that if she’s given Alvan (Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri) for free, she will not attend. Las las she no com go school.

Another cousin asked me; “brother, so after gaining admission in four higher institutions, you chose ordinary Alvan to study Education English. What will you be in future after studying this?” I replied her, “I’ll become a teacher”. She hissed.

There is no space here to record all those village bal bla bla.

Sincerely speaking oooo, when I got to the said Alvan, I really observed it was made up of students for lowest class families. I must confess that most students there are from the last rung of the societal ladder. However, my mentality was beyond mediocrity.

At 18, I abandoned the world and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, knowing that GOD cannot use any being and dump him. Well, to be continued when I become a pastor.

I abandoned youthful distractions and faced education, knowing that there is dignity in labour. Las Las, school no be scam. Well, to be continued when I’m done.

I abandoned crime and faced skills acquisition, knowing that hardwork pays. Well, to be continued when I get there.

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Elekwachi Champion
                                                                        Elekwachi Champion


Finally, d tin no com dey as human beings dey see am…..

When I discorvered teaching should not come now; but later, I rechannelled my route during NYSC.

Thanks to Chika Obi for that song… Persistensiii brekịịrịị resistensii, ikwechiri ịgafụ isi ya, na mgbe ikpe azụ…..

Nwanne, kwechiri ịghọtago!!!!

I urge all reading this to persist and never allow it end the way your foes expect it.



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