Rev. Cosmos Elekwachi, A Living Icon

Rev. Cosmos Elekwachi, A Living Icon


My major challenge is how to fit into your shoes and continue in the legacy you’ve already laid down in the society.

You supported me even when you could not.
I saw you park that your car just to make sure we school.

I noticed you crying the day you had no money and I only could save seven hundred (#700) to go back to school. I went back that semester and could not buy text books.

I remember you on several occasions supporting my internet career from the time I started Bulk SMS business on campus to assist myself.

I never saw you asking one of us to drop so as to train only one person. You bore the whole burden.

I remember how you will always carry the five of us at ones each time you return at night and we’ll render account of how everything happened that day as we undress you.

I remember you buying home items each time you step out even when other families see it as ‘serving the woman’.

I remember you slapping me ‘BIGBO’ to correct my follies, and now I’m the type of man every woman would want as a husband.

Rev. Cosmos Elekwachi
                                                                           Rev. Cosmos Elekwachi

I remember you teaching me everything including sex education. No wonder chastity is a watchword in the house.

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I remember you holding NNE CHAMPION by the hand and telling her how much you love her even when she is raging, fuming and setting everywhere ablaze as a woman.

You’re the best man and husband I’ve ever known and I promise to be better than you are.

I see how you handle God’s and community projects in your hands in faithfulness and sincerity. You really made me believe that a Christian can be a politician without soiling his hands.

Daddy hear me well,
You shall live longer and healthier than you ever expected. You shall not bury your wife or any of your offspring.

The seed of Elekwachi Dynasty loves you. Chukwudi, Chimaijem, Chika, Chebemsolid, Chiemela and others not here onlone are so proud of you.


Written by Elekwachi Champion

Photo: DaddyU Studio

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