Spiritism of Knowledge – ECJ Champion

Anywhere you see a display of knowledge, make no mistakes, there is a spirit there.

Whether it’s in academics, arts, entertainment, science, health, etc

There’s always a spirit behind talents.

Don’t be careless about it, knowledge is spiritual.

The more you deepen your relationship with your spiritual source, the more you advance in that wisdom deposited in you.

There is a relationship between spiritism and knowledge. The duo cannot be separated.

Nobody has ever come to limelight without a spiritual backing.

Go and verify!

Nobody has ever succeeded without a meeting held in the realms beyond for the person.

Yes! There is a place for hard-work (human efforts) and there is a place for Grace (spiritual affiliation).

If you neglect any of the two or both of them, you’ll understand the meaning of fruitless efforts.

Also understand that success comes with time.

It doesn’t just happen.

You keep been physical with your gifts until the day your heavens open and you’ll see opportunities meeting with your preparedness.

Fame and money is a spiritual element.

That’s why people join cultism and confraternities.

You can’t just get these desires to yourself.

It’s not possible.
It has never been.
There is no system created for man to grow wealthy by human strength.

These matters we’re discussing here now are already written in all religious and spiritual books handed to men.

That’s why people add all kinds of rituals to their hustle.

They’re deliberate and intentional about it, but you’re not because you think there is a space in the heights for normal people like you, bahh?

Wake up!

✍️ Elekwachi Chukwudi

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