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Have you ever wondered what it take stars to appear on the sky?

The processes they go through leaving the Milky Way Galaxy (where stars are made) for the sky where they are seen and celebrated is not what we can discuss now but you can research here.

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Tough times never last but tough people do last to tell the stories of their tough times. There is no crown without a cross”.

A celebrated star is once called a rising star. The processes of growth (though tough and unpleasant) does not in anyway stop it from answering a star despite that it is yet to manifest. This is because the young lion is still a lion for the nature of a lion is in it.

A rising star is a star so long as s/he will keep rising despite all odds.

As gold is not gotten on the surface of the earth and nothing good comes easy so is a star tested before it is celebrated.

“No retreat no surrender” is the language of a rising star. Stars do not see what they are faced with (no matter how terrible it comes) but what they stand to gain at last.

It has never been easy to rise since climbing is a skill that requires strength and the height you get to depends on how strong and resilient the climber is. When the going gets tough you get tougher if you do not want to lose. Also Read: Somewhere in Benue

The rising stage of every star takes long and is usually unnoticed but when it succeeds is seen from every part of the earth. Persistence is the watchword of a rising star owing that there is a glorious end aimed at reaching.

The most blissful thing about stars is that all those who at the rising stage ignored to notice and assist, even those that discouraged and mocked will turn to be clients, admirers, followers and fans when the star shines.

Keep keeping on!

Whatsoever your hands find doing, do it perfectly with your might and heart.

Be strong, persistent and resilient and you’ll see kings come to your rising.

SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!

©Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion


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