The Hidden Rift- Elekwachi Joseph


I’ve just concluded a 1998 publication of TheNEWS titled ‘DOCTOR DEATH’.

Nna eehhhh…. No be today dis tin start oooooo!
Children will not understand this one though.

My concern is that as at then, N100 was Ghana C1500, Zimbabwe $3.00, CFA 150, USA $4.00, Canada C$4.50, UK £2.00, Germany Dm500 and Italy L200.

How on earth did we find ourselves in this level of downtrodden economy that even the neglected countries then have passed us way too far?

I heard a Head of State then stated that Nigeria is too rich that we don’t even know what to do with the money and he proved it by hosting the whole world in Lagos for a festival.

So one man out of excitement gotten from his morning tea and coffee decided to merge many nations and his wife called it Nigeria.

Well, since then we’ve been trying to be one but it’s been like clay and iron trying to mix up.

We grew up, became well meaning and educated and continued the labour of our heroes past in making many nations one but it turns harder as one nation decided to take all the share to themselves.

A nation is a set of people with ‘COMMON’ everything. Check for the word ‘COMMON’ and you can tell that nothing is common on this part of the planet.

We’re not relenting in making it one, but we definitely can not cheat nature.

My take is this, if we can’t be one let’s disintegrate. Every nation should go and share what they have in common.

If the leaders are ready to remedy this hullabaloo we’ll support them, but if they’re not ready and still insist on playing with this fire instead of handing over peacefully to us (let them not underrate the strength of the youth and what we can do) then we shall take the bull by the horn and lead our people to their promised land.

Nigeria is greatly blessed and by fire and force we must take it.

Every man should work on his mindset rightly from his little corner, let’s do this once and for all.

It takes one generation to say NO to the follies of the previous generations and CHANGE will be established for good.


I believe in getting things right no matter who’s ox is gored.
I’m working towards a better nation.
I’ll live to see a better nation.
I believe in ‘Later Rain’ and not ‘Good Old Days’.
I lived yesterday, working today for a better tomorrow.
I believe persistence breaks resistance.
I love the country I found myself and I want to contribute successfully my own quota to it’s development.

Let me drop this pen here to avoid so long a letter.

I’m your son, Chukwudi.

©Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion

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