The inward man by Elekwachi Champion

The inward man by Elekwachi Champion



I learnt a lesson from this image and decided to share.🤷‍♂️

Please read in three minutes😁

Every body can not be snapping picho😕
Am not a man of snapping my food😡
Am a eat🤣
Am a consume🙆‍♂️
Am a throw away the empty plate😜

But something happened the day I wanted to take these fruits. My instinct moved me to take a shot of which I obediently did.

After I dilapidated the fruits the same “shoot it” entered my mind, and I did.

Now the lessons began to drop.

Every of God’s creature has a glowing nature as the fruits in number one (John:1:9), which is always the target of the enemy.

As soon as Satan is done with a man through SIN, he leaves him rotten inwardly and beautified outwardly.

Others will behold the flowers all over you without knowing you’ve decayed inside.

That is why you see our beautiful models go naked.

The inward man is already captured and is being exhibited in actions which is what men see.

No wonder Jesus said that what defiles a man is not what goes inside but what comes out of him.

Who are you inwardly?

Even without answering, it shows in your character.

Even if you pretend over it, it’s still part of the outward flowers with sour aura.

I hope you learnt the lesson😁


Do have a blessed day ahead.👍

✍️Your brother,
©Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion

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