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The ordeal of bloggers- Elekwachi Champion

The ordeal of bloggers

The fact that when I say something people will be asking for my source is making me feel like “Ah… Are these people really ready for the new generation Nigeria?”

So a blogger is not a valid source eehhh????

Well, I understand the fact that our people are wise and don’t want to believe lies, but their wisdom has led them to believing the most wrong personalities (across the academia, political and religious) and their lies; yet they claim to be full of wisdom in not believing the little me.

I do not wish to neglect the fact that some people really dish out false news; but what I want us to understand now is that most of the National and international bodies you’re waiting for to verify an info before you believe it are really influenced by the ‘powers that be’ and they dish you with the only info the leaders want you to know. Keep waiting for them inugo….

A blogger might reveal something to you and you term it unverified just as WHO has discouraged the world from patronising Madagascan Discovery, but know that whether or not you verify it from an ‘authority’ doesn’t make it true or false.

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Personally, I’ve decided to use the parable and poetic method to inform my audience, and if you won’t understand it, biko don’t ask for my source again. If I have a different source, I’ll add it beneath my writing. If you don’t see any source in my writings, just know I’m the source. You have your right to believe or disregard it.

I’m sure someone of my status is a reliable source.

A huge shout out to all who believe in me to this point.

I won’t disappoint you.

©Elekwachi Champion

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