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This concerns the employers and their employees as well as general overseers and priests in the church.

It is sad, especially, when children grow wishing their parents had not been involved in Christian work because they had to grow up in serious material hardship.

Unfortunately, God’s provision seems inadequate for some Christian workers. Like the children of Eli (1 Samuel 2), they take what God has not allotted to them. Not surprisingly, they come to a sad end!

These are factors we need to bear in mind with regard to those we employ as priests and pastors in our different churches and in all other full-time Christian ministries”. Culled from Scripture Union Daily Guide- Feb 15th, 2018.


However, what Jesus told Peter was to FEED HIS FLOCK and not the flock to feed him. The undoing of some General Overseers today is that they only pick interest in the proliferation of their denominations not minding if the priests, pastors in charge are been catered for or not. The church members on their own worsen the case by forgetting that a priest is also a human being; thereby neglecting his welfare.

Pastors on their own use these media to siphon the poor and ignorant members who they’re far better than.

Increasingly, in most part of the world, workers are suffering in the hands of employers who treat them badly. They have to work long and hard in very poor and terrible working conditions.

All things been equal, on one hand, adequate provisions should be made for employees by their employers regularly and on the other hand, employees should be content with their wages.


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