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Top 7 Altcoins To Watch After This Month

It’s no news that most cryptocurrencies performed poorly during the last quarter of September.This is another month of crypto outbreak, a list of the top 7 altcoins have been prepared for you to watchout for this month.

This means that they have a special race all together with other altcoins in this month of December.

The list of the altcoins  that are to be listed here might not necessarily mean that they are no longer going to be useful in months to come. No.

As situations may have it, they might come up to consideration for the next two to threee months before any new change. Having said the necessary, let’s take a glance on the list of the top 7 altcoins to chase after this month.

Top 7 Altcoins To Watchout For Longterm

  1. VeChain
  2. Wraapped Bitcoin
  3. Binance Coin
  4. Solana
  5. Polkadot
  6. Chainlink
  7. Monero


1. VeChain

top 7 altcoins

VeChain is one of the wold’s leading blockchain Technology. Founded in 2015, the blockchain technology has been aiming to put a stop to food insecurity. Over the years, VeChain has helped to draw many companies closer to the ecosystem.

Coming over to the future potentials of VeChain, it is handling of of the most difficult things to handle on earth which is fighting for the rehabilitation of our ecosystem. This is a life saving project and a blessing to humanity , it is evergreen and will remain same.

With an opening trading percentage of over 15% increase in the first week of October, Ven is buckling up to ascend a throne which it will likely have no time to descend anytime soon. As of the time of writing, VeChain is currently experiencing 1 to 3% increase hourly.

This is a nice shot for cryptocurrency lovers who wish to tryout some new coins. To keep everything neutral, avoiding all exaggerations, it remains at your disposal to make the final decision.

From the best of knowledge, if actually VeChain turns out to be what it posed to be, I guess VeChain holders will be the  happiest set of cryptocurrency traders on Earth.

From all indicators, the coin is putting all if can in place to make sure the ecosystem benefits man fully.

2. Wrapped Bitcoin


Wrapped Bitcoin are one of the tokens that were built on Ethereum Blockchain. The token was to tap from the liquidity of Bitcoin.

Taking a clear unbiased look at the performance of the token for the past 30 days, it is has scaled up beyond imagination. What it was never of was what it gave out.

Gaining some dollars and creeping into the market had been the juicy part of this token for a long time, this will continue and expected not to stop anytime soon!

Going short might be the best option, again you never can tell.

 3. Binance Coin


Found by one of Ethereum’s founder, Binance Coin was formerly operating on Ethereum network till it got it’s independence and is currently running in Binance blockchain technology.

Binance Coin is ranking among the cryptos with the largest market cap. The company is in development of many other fund funnels.

It is expected that by the beginning of 2022, BNB will start of with a supporting price of at least $700 and above. Buying the Binance coin now and holding till few years to come will pay off.

4. Solana


The solana ecosystem is a fast changing one. The basics of Solana is to help projects to get established financially, thus more worth.

Within few months the Solpad was launched on the solana ecosystem, the coin has improved in it’s cap and price simultaneously. Go long for Solana, the sacrifice worth the coming joy.

More projects are going to ignite with the help of Solana, truth be told, Solana is a good choice! It is not mandatory but recommended.

5. Polkadot


Joining the queue of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, Polkadot (DOT) has experienced a great height of gowth in the past weeks. With a market cap of over $47 the sky will be it’s limit in the coming months.

From indicators, fast forward 2022, polkadot will attain a benchmark of $50 upwards. Investing in Polkadot now, will definitely worth it in the future.

6. Chainlink



Springing up from Ethereum’s network, Chainlink was developed to help facilitate transactions within the global community.

It is a token investors can comfortably cope with not minding the economic situation. It’s solidity offers it more room to expand beyond the blockchain circle.

With a fast increasing market cap of $10 Billion currently, the chainlink is set to break through tens of dollars into hundreds of dollars in few years to come.

Investing in it now will call for no regret, the price currently is warming up to skyrocket any time any day. Buy, hodl and stay away from panic selling.

7. Monero

top 7 altcoins

Considering Monero supply limit first, it has a less supply limit than that of BTC. Going by that, the expectations that monero will perform great in the coming years are there.

Currently wallowing in $270 benchmark, Monero is expected to attain up to $300 before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Drawing the attention of investors towards it’s performance, the token although possesses great influence and value is not balling as expected of it.

Again, a long-term investment might not be the best with Monero. Anyways, you shall continue to be updated via forecasts.

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