In event that took place on saturday, 28th of January 2023, at Orji Primary School, Owerri North LGA Imo State, Chief Uche Ben Odunzeh the founder of Uche Ben Odunzeh Movement (UBOM) has inaugurated officers across Orlu Zone and it’s wards to carry our the vision of the movement down to the grassroots.

Also on the occasion was the empowerment of 30 widows from Orlu Zone.

These widows were selected in twos from the 12 Local Government Areas in Orlu in addition to two other women who got favoured by this great philanthropist.

In his remarks, he reiterated his dedication to God for selfless service to humanity and thanked God for the ability to serve his people passionately.

“We are all gathered here today for the inauguration of the Uche Ben Odunzeh Movement, (UBOM) set up to diligently serve and organize at the grassroots, the necessary tools for human capital development for our senatorial zone.

Majority of the people gathered here today are, like me, a practical businessman, politicians with nothing but to impact positively on lives in our environment. As a humanitarian group, our job is to build socio-economic ties, capacity and navigate with aggression the simplest ways of working with the grassroots. So, the inauguration of a LGA and Ward Officers today as the one we are all gathered here to witness, should be a normal occurrence in the normal life of normal concerned patriot. I sincerely agree and share the view of the great American industrialist, Harvey Firestone, “The growth and development of people is our highest calling of leadership”.

Bad Leadership has been synonymous with the Nigerian system for decades now. An issue which has gradually eroded and affected our socio-political psych as a people. Bad governance as we all know is centralized around the idea of not only corruption within a system but a lack of transparency and accountability, arbitrary policy making and the cheating of those who are governed.

The failure of governance in our country manifests in the declining capacity of political leaders to recognize systemic risks such as election fraud, terrorist attacks, herder-farmer conflict, armed banditry, and police brutality and put in place the necessary measures to navigate these challenges. In contrast with the current system in which leadership is attained through bribery, intimidation, and violence, Nigeria needs an epistocratic system of governance that is founded on the pedigree of its political leaders and the education of its voters at the grassroots.”

Worthy of note is that Uche Ben Odunzeh Movement, is fully committed to providing the enabling environment and infrastructure to entrench good governance, facilitate the growth and development of the zone and its people; positioning it as a premier city of business and tourism destination, with the ultimate objective of uplifting the lives of the people.


UBOM an NGO registered in Nigeria borne out of a strong believe and commitment in the UNITY, PEACE, JUSTICE, PROGRESS, GOOD GOVERNANCE AND SECURITY of our zone.

The movement is a conglomerate of volunteers of like-minds.

They are passionate Orlu zone indigenes driven by patriotism and love to give back to the society through service to our dear state and zone in particular.

The movement will interface and provide information to relevant Government Agencies to assist, support and compliment efforts of the movement, basically to assist toward poverty reduction and wealth creation and the entrenchment of good governance at the grassroots.

They will be on ground at the community level, comprising vibrant young men and women through the ranks and files and will also partners with other community base organization (CBOs) on socio-economic and other developmental objectives that will make Orlu zone bigger and better.

UBOM volunteers will be empowered in various field of human endeavour to suit their environment for effective political education and awareness, socio-economic information gathering and management.

The organization is very particular to individual pedigree, thus ensures that on an interpersonal basis, members are remarkably on ground for proper assessment and evaluation of their zone.

The tempo of discipline, resilient, doggedness, drive and the commitment to serve our land will be our watchword.

UBOM is first of its kind in this part of the world, that is an organized corporate non-governmental socio-economic initiative in the fight against poverty and other anti-State behaviors considered inimical to the peace and security of our beloved Country Nigeria.


The primary objective of UBOM is to provide supporting angle to poverty reduction and wealth creation, the promotion of good governance using workable conventional approach that can effectively reach out and network the grassroots.

Our mission therefore, is to key into the shared vision of repositioning our rural areas for enduring prosperity, political education etc., thereby, making Orlu zone a first stop hub for business and investment.

UBOM will support good governance and collaborate with government agencies in the distant future on poverty alleviation and wealth creation.

UBOM will support the electoral process and civic rights education in Nigeria at the LGAs and Wards respectively.

The Organization will support Orlu zone towards unity, security, peace and development.

Furthermore, the officers took an Oath of Allegiance and Chief Ben Odunzeh in his philanthropic nature supported their transport fare with the sum of three million naira (N3m).


Comrade Ibeh
S.A on Media Ubom.
Reporting from Orlu Zone.

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