Valentine: Abuja restaurant unveils $1000 per couple dinner

Valentine: Abuja restaurant unveils $1000 per couple dinner


Chef Stone

An Abuja based Pan -African fine dining restaurant, The Burgundy, has slammed a $1000 price tag on its couple dinner for Valentine’s Day.

The 12-course dinner will be prepared by Chef Stone, an experienced chef and well rounded social entrepreneur who is known for going through all lengths and hurdles to achieve excellence.

A press release signed by Maryam Suleiman a representative of Chef stone said “there is no cutting corners with Chef stone, anything he sets out to do will be done the right way.

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From sourcing the freshest ingredients from across Africa to dedicating hours to pairing wines from all over the world with his meals.

All this while running Nigeria’s largest culinary school, recruiting and training the best chefs in their respective fields.”

The project which has been in the works for about 8years will finally come to life this Valentine’s day the 14th of February.

Sources also say that the space is still under construction and his large social media audience is on the edge of their seats wondering how a restaurant still at a very uncompleted stage will become the magical and abstract space that has been promised for years, within the next few days.

“Chef Stone may not be the salt bae who sells a 750-gram steak sprinkled in gold for $1000, but his resume is just as impressive.

While $1,000 may be an eye-raising amount, it’s equivalent in Naira N570,000 won’t even buy you a bottle of Azul, a drink worth as much as 1,000,000 in some nightlife spots today.

You must have heard of the ‘Dorime’ culture in clubs today they pointed out.”

“Chef Stone is supposed to be a Chef in the culinary industry but somehow he has managed to become the Industry.

A man of many talents and businesses, Chef Stone is the CEO of Nigeria’s number 1 culinary school Red Dish chronicles, the Ceo of the popular gourmet fast food business Red Gourmet Kitchen in the FCT & Lagos and of course the CEO/Head chef of The Burgundy Restaurant.”

While some may feel that $1000 (N570,000) for a dinner given the economic crunch may appear to be on the high side, Chef stone is asking his customers to indulge themselves and put their money where their mouth is.


Source: The Guardian


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