Sterlingfox Network is a group of IT professionals with astute intelligence in business and consultancy.

Sterlingfox Network exists as a conglomerate of the various Sterlingfox  groups and businesses.

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We are Bloggers, Ethical Hackers, Webmasters, Computer Programmers, Graphics Designers, ICT consultants, Content Creators and Real Estate Facilitators.

Call on us on all ICT and Real Estate related matters and be sure of honesty in professionalism.


We aim at projecting internet and business from the right perspective despite the prevailing anomalies in the cyber space and our society at large.



By publishing original articles, breaking viable news and satisfying our clients in transparency and sincerity; we discourage frauds, plagiarism, fake news and  project positive customer relationship management.

Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion BA.ed, MNIM, PET, PM, CRM, HRM, MBISO, ICT, HSE, PGD, MPA

Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph Champion is a blogger and content creator  aiming at redefining the use of the cyber space to the ordinary internet users.

Light and Salt

Light and Salt is a TV series and an online serial publication of life transforming articles written by various authors.

Here we aim at meeting people’s live’s needs by addressing (their) life issues and bettering humanity.

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