Screenshots from "THE NEW WORLD ORDER" (1)- Elekwachi

Screenshots from “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” (1)- Elekwachi

Screenshots from “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” (1)- Elekwachi

I’ve decided to conduct a research on the trending “NEW WORLD ORDER” and I’ll be sharing screenshots of salient issues.

Dear African, they said they can successfully hide secrets from you as long as it’s written in a book. This is an avenue to proof that point a wrong one.

Friends, let’s do this together and understand where we are in the world system.

Always take keen note of the highlighted areas.

What I want from you now is not arguments but further research on whatever you see.

This is just the introduction to a research on “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” conducted by myself.

I’ll keep updating us as I progress.

Have you read: Pain- By Joe Aniche Nwakanma?

I am committed to your intellectual growth✌️


©Elekwachi Champion
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