By Comrade Ibeh

In the history of politics, Orsu State Constituency has been in the lowest rung of the societal ladder when talking about development and dividends of democracy.

Wonder why it has become a tussle between the people and those who kept them in abject poverty to get and elect a good leader.

Nwadike Ifeanyi Destiny (Akaraka)

God in His kindness and magnanimous gesture has raised an illustrious son who is capable of delivering his people from political bondages.

Nwadike Ifeanyi Destiny (Akaraka) is the man!

This vision has been clearly spelled out in his manifesto, thus:

“Having risen from a humble background, and experiencing firsthand the challenges and problems of our people, I will dedicate myself to uplifting the lives and livelihood of our people, and provide a strong, booming voice for Ndị Orsu at the state legislature”.

Nwadike Ifeanyi Destiny (Akaraka) is the PDP flag bearer and the most qualified candidate to represent Orsu State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly come 2023 election which is two weeks from today.

Nwadike Ifeanyi Destiny (Akaraka)

The time indeed is now!
The time is now to correct the wrongs of our previous leaders.
The time is now to change the pattern.
The time is now to create a new course for our people.
The time is now to make history again.

Our rights to social amenities like clean water, good roads, quality education, employment, uninterrupted power supply, empowering our youths and many more have been trampled upon for ages.

Our destiny is in our hands.

Nwadike Ifeanyi Destiny (Akaraka)

Akaraka remains the only contestant with a proven capacity to fight and end insecurity lavishing the lives of Orsu people permanently.

This is why the good people of Orsu have in consensus chosen to vote our son Nwadike Ifeanyi Destiny.

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