Hollywood Actor, Amb. Rich Oganiru

Breaking: Nollywood Actor, Rich Oganiru confirmed dead

Breaking: Nollywood Actor, Rich Oganiru confirmed dead

Nigerian actor Rich Oganiru has died. The actor reportedly died on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 after being ill for months.

The news of his passing away was announced on Facebook by his friend, EmstarVee:

“BREAKING……..Sunset At Noon, Tuesday 10th August 2021! Ahem… I’ve lost a good friend like a brother for years, a great Nollywood actor par excellence. I’m just speechless. R.I.P Amb. Rich Oganiru,” EmstarVee wrote.

About two weeks before his death, a video of Oganiru lying in his sick bed surfaced on the internet. In it, the actor was appealed for financial assistance.

“Please, everyone should reach out before he dies,” the caption on the post reads.

Rich Oganiru, who has been in the Nigerian film industry for over two decades, has featured in over 300 film that include Queen of Hasso Rock, Wasted Effort, Pay Day, Lacrima, Stoneface in Love, Givers Never Lack, His Majesty, Yellow Fe Rich Odichinma Azu ver, My Destiny, Battle Of The Rich, Political Control, Touching Love, Total Control, and Last Confession amongst others.

Before his death, Oganiru held the role of Corporate Marketing Consultant to the Abuja Chapter of AGN, an Evangelist with the Davidical Order Ministry.

In 2012, the actor was embroiled in a controversy that saw the decline of his career. He was arrested for allegedly killing his wife in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

According to reports, Oganiru was arrested following a petition by family and relations of his late wife who claimed he poisoned her.

Oganiru maintained his innocence, stating he never killed his wealthy wife.

Source: Guardian Newspapers


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