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Cardano To Attain All Time High of $2.5, Expert Says

The price movement of cardano has been one of the most watched price moves recently. As the crypto market is recovering from the bearish market to bullish market, there are a lot of indicators suggesting future growth in value of cryptocurrencies.


Cardano currently trading at $1.77 is carefully being examined by experts. Disclosures had it that the coin might do beyond its expectation amidst the general market recovery.

As the trend continues, Cardano is ready to launch a smart contract which experts suspect will be the reason for further rise in price as soon as possible. According to them after the launch, cardano might get its way far as $2.5 milestone and above.


The short-term technical outlook shows that the cryptocurrency has a bullish outlook that continues to support the uptrend. For instance, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator still compels buyers to buy into ADA.

With an outshoot of $2 or close to that, more buyers and investors will be triggered to push the market up forward landing it at $2.5

Cardano price prediction for 1-day: ADA/USD strong resistance at $1.7

According to Cardano price analysis, the market’s volatility is dormant. The Bollinger band’s upper limit is $1.7, which is resistance, and the lower limit is 1.15, which it supports. Cardano/USD appears to be falling below the moving average curve, suggesting a bearish trend. Despite taking a significant fall and crashing hard, Cardano has maintained solid support.

Cardano price analysis

The current trend for Cardano (ADA) shows that the price is dropping gradually. It appears that ADA hasn’t yet dropped below its lowest point of the year, at around $0.85. Since it’s been hovering around this level for some time now, it’s expected that ADA will see an increase in value very soon. The strongest resistant line is at $1.7.

The price prediction indicates that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 40, suggesting a minor drop in the Cardano currency’s value. The dormant and unpredictable market assets’ values may soon return to stability. The bears are putting up a good fight and attempting to control the market.

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