Culture: Woman laments the ordeal of having no male child

Culture: Woman laments the ordeal of having no male child


I Was Shamed, İnsulted And Made to Feel İncomplete for Birthing Only Girls.

When I gave birth to my last daughter my fellow woman who came to visit me told me sorry ( sorry for what exactly 🤷 I gave birth to another girl)

Another one who just got married told me she would rather wait till God is ready to give her a baby boy, than to fill the house with girls etc.

This is the gravity of child shaming I received.

The one that broke the camel’s back was when a boy who always call me mummy was overhead by the mum, she flared up and warned him seriously never to try it again, she said I don’t deserve to be called Mum by a boy because I don’t know what it feels like to give birth to a baby boy.

And on and many more.

I was made to believe that a woman in Igbo land don’t have to say and is incomplete when she don’t have a male child.

My daughter was once beaten by an older boy in school and she came back and told me; mummy please we need a brother😥

I cried unto God telling him to complete me and give me a male child, because it now seems it was the only thing I was lacking, for my husband, he is ok with the girls, those who knows me and my girls are aware I don’t joke with them, I value and cherish them, if you have not given birth to a female child when you see my girls you will grow jealous or rather admire them.

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But the society told me I was incomplete; We are problem to our selves.

My God heard me and blessed me with a male child and the same gender still say am ungrateful?

They refused to understand how grateful I am to God and still insult me.

All those who used derogative words towards me may God forgive you all.

If u are one of those women who make other women die silently because they don’t have a male child or a particular gender may God also forgive you.

With my full chest I still say am a complete woman🙌 am grateful oh Lord.

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Source: Builder Herbert Ozoemenam in Okigwe Updates on Facebook

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