Elekwachi Champion Chukwudi Joseph

Subjecting the physical to the spiritual- ECJ Champion

Then Uzzah touched the ark and died because he was not authorised to.

When you carry God you become an ‘ark of God’ and unauthorised elements are not supposed to even near you let alone touching.

That is the meaning of “touch not mine anointed….”

Each time I remember I’m a public figure, I ask myself “how do I project Christ in what I do”; and day after day I keep learning how to subject the physical to the control of the spiritual.

I am that Christian that believes in (“occupy till I come”) occupying the earth in righteousness before making heaven.

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Now concerning the gospel….
If what you preach does not reflect the life of Christ – His birth, livelihood, death, burial, resurrection and return to rapture the saints; then, it’s another topic all together, not the Gospel.


Elekwachi Champion Chukwudi Joseph
Elekwachi Champion Chukwudi Joseph

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