The Rich Minds- Elekwachi Champion

The Rich Minds- Elekwachi Champion

                                                              Elekwachi Champion



  1. Rich people do not make noise for security reasons.

  2. Rich people do not gossip.

  3. Rich people do not attack themselves (except the foolish few).

  4. Rich people do not discuss every matter.

  5. Rich people get others talk about them and what they do.

  6. Rich people are always busy.

  7. Rich people grow every day.

  8. Rich people do not beg.

  9. Rich people do not joke with the clock.

  10. Rich people are disciplined and serious minded.

  11. Rich people do not need motivational speakers.

  12. Rich people do not broadcast their sources of income.

  13. Rich people are humble (except the foolish few)

  14. Rich people compete with achievements.

  15. Rich people love themselves.

  16. Rich people walk and work in partnership and synergy.

  17. Rich people maintain their circle and extend it to their children.

  18. Rich people have guys everywhere. They are heavily connected.

  19. Rich people are very security conscious.

  20. Rich people believe in self development.

I’ve taken time to study the rich and observed these. If you study well too, you’ll know whether you’re rich or poor.

©Elekwachi Champion

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