By Hon. Chinedu Elekwachi

Ahead of the November 11th, 2023 gubernatorial election in imo state, the turnout of events in the past days has suggested that Ndi-imo who obviously is desperate for a People’s driven government prefers Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh, the gubernatorial Candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) above other candidates.

The NNPP Candidate, an accomplished business expert is coming with solutions to the myarids of problems confronting Ndi-imo as he x-rayed in his manifesto.

Hon. Ben Odunzeh has promised to restore the fragile security of the state and create massive job opportunities for teeming imo youths.

“As a courageous leader, Uche Ben Odunzeh has a distinguished career. Throughout his service, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and an unshakable commitment to upholding the values of justice, democracy, and the rule of law. Now, as he enters the political arena, his courage remains unwavering, inspiring confidence among the electorates that he will safeguard their rights and protect their votes”

“In recent times, Imo State has faced its share of electoral challenges, leading to concerns over the integrity of the electoral process. The star candidate in the November 11th Imo State election, Uche Ben Odunzeh has vowed to address these issues head-on and to ensure the implementation of a transparent and accountable electoral system before, during, and after the election. He has articulated a comprehensive plan to prevent voter intimidation, ballot-box stuffing, and electoral malpractices, instilling hope among the people that their votes must truly count”.

“The emergence of the Lion from a Lion mother like no other, whose agenda is New Imo State, has sent ripples of fear through the incumbent government. His popularity, coupled with his commitment to addressing the pressing issues faced by the people of Imo State, poses a significant threat to the current administration’s grip on power. This fear is indicative of Uche Ben Odunzeh potential to bring about meaningful change and dismantle the status quo”.

“As he champions the people’s aspirations, his deep connection with the core interest of the people and lovers of Imo State. He has been seen as a genuine and empathetic leader who listens to the concerns of the common citizens and pledges to be their voice in governance. This connection has forged a strong bond of trust between the Orlu born leader and the electorates, making him the people’s candidate”.

“As the electoral campaign gains momentum, there is the path forward, which focus remains steadfast on the welfare of the people and the protection of their democratic rights. As a technocrat, the New Imo championer has vowed to run a campaign that remains free of mudslinging and focuses on issues and policy solutions. This approach is seen as a testament to his commitment to maintaining the dignity of the political process and ensuring that the people’s will prevail”.

“Uche Ben Odunzeh emerges as the hope of Imo State’s electorates. His boldness, integrity, and passion to protect the people’s vote have made him a major force to reckon with in the upcoming election. It has become very obvious that the incumbent government views him as the only genuine opposition. He stands as a symbol of change and progress, resonating with the aspirations of the people for a brighter and more accountable future”.

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