Elekwachi Joseph captured at NCCF Family House, Abinsi Benue state.

Light and Salt 4- Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph


Be liberal in your views.

Have a broad mind in opinions, decisions and judgement.

Do not be biased for any reason.


Always stand your ground no matter what!


Did you know that Jesus has not come just because the Gospel have not gone round the world?

Have you received the gospel? You need to do it now!

If you’ve received it, to what extent have you shared it.

Tell someone ‘Jesus loves you’ at least ones every day.

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Did you know that both education, technology, security, white collar jobs, civilisation, modernisation, etc, were brought to us by Christianity?

How is it that we received all these (enjoying them) yet rejecting there source which is the gospel?

Think twice!!!!


When you thank God for His finger, He shows you His hand.



It is criminal to expect ‘full remuneration’ from a job not done with ‘full commitment’.

Integrity pays!


Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion


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