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Reserved and Preserved,

Have you ever wondered why some items and materials in the house look redundant?

Do you think they’re really useless?

Could it be because of there sizes?

Is it that they refused to be used?

Or the owner kept them that way? Of course! The owner allowed them to be thus kept.



The word ‘preserve’ connotes protection; to keep from harm or injury.

It also means to save from decay by the use of some preservative substance.

You can still liken it to maintaining throughout; to keep intact.

Also, to keep a particular quality, feature.

Then to make sure something is kept.

Whichever way you may choose to understand… It means to make sure something does not spoil.



This means to keep someone/something FOR somebody/something (mark the word ‘for’) so that it cannot be used by any other person or for any other PURPOSES.

Inasmuch as there are items/materials not often used not because they’re preserved or reserved but because they are really spoilt and useless. That’s not the area of concentration in this context.

Rather, we’re looking at items, materials, persons, events, statements, actions, places, etc, that seem abandoned and redundant but are only kept for a day they will be needed.

Such things are termed ‘preserved and reserved’.

Read about food Preservation to liken it to human preservation

Just like big pots that only appear during important occasions, they are preserved against damage and reserved for a particular person, day or event.

God’s original purpose for mankind is that all be reserved by the preserving (blood) power of Christ Jesus for a special day ahead.

For example: Sex is reserved for marriage. Hence, not married means wait till marriage. Though the reverse is the case in our generation today.

It is expected that we count ourselves responsible by reserving our lives. We must not do what everyone does today because we are reserved.

Have you read How Christianity lost its political powers?

One great reward of preservation is that you’ll be far from harm, damage and spoils. Reservation also makes one important on the day of needed.

Also, the owner keeps checking, furnishing and keeping his preserved so as not to get any disappointment the day he will need it. That’s how God keeps His own.

I bet you from experience that as you start reserving yourself from today, situations that will announce and project you as indispensable will keep arising.


See you at the top!

Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion. BA.ED, MNIM, HSE, PET, PM, ICT, CRM, HRM, MBISO.

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