The Angel and the Church- Elekwachi Joseph

The Angel and the Church, from Revelations: 1:12,16,20

Can you remember John saw seven Candlesticks and seven Stars?

Do you know He saw the Candlesticks before the Stars?

Do you know the Candlesticks stand for the Church and he Stars stand for the Angel of the?

These questions will make meaning to you soon.

An Angel is a proof of God’s approval of the existence of any Church.

Any gathering in God’s name without an God’s approval is not existing as long as God is concerned.

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John saw the seven golden candlesticks first in v:12 before the seven stars in v:16, but Jesus explained the stars first before the candlesticks in v:20.

The Church is not as important as the Spirit in charge of it, because it is the Angel that gives report regularly to Jesus about the church.

Woe to any congregation without an the spirit of God because she is just occupying space here on earth.

As individuals, we’re described as a church; hence, we also must need to be constantly and consistently represented before God by an Angel.

By this we will not just exist on earth but also live.

I pray you understand this better in Jesus name! Amen.


Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph. BA.ED, MNIM, HSE, HRM, PM, CRM, PET, ICT, MBISO


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