Senate To Pass 2022 Budget By Tuesday

Senate of Nigeria

The Senate Procurement Committee said its report on the April 2022 bill will be removed, revised, and approved on Tuesday.

The chairman of the commission, Senator Barao Gibran, did so after meeting with the president of the Somubsiuyon National Independent Electoral College in Momaiwi, Momyo, Amuramud when he informed the magazine lists.

Yakubu and his team sat in the Senate at the invitation of the commission to include in the 2022 budget the motions of the National Statistical Institutes for the parliamentary elections of 2023. “(Budget 2022) will be presented and reviewed tomorrow.

We have been waiting for them (INES) and they have provided us with detailed information on what they need. We are ready to present our report tomorrow (Tuesday) for another plenary presentation and we will present it tomorrow and thank God tomorrow is good.

Previously, Yakubu had told lawmakers that the National Institute of Statistics would need $ 305 billion to complete the general election, as well as the elections scheduled for 2022, without a page. The head of the INE pointed out that the bill for April 2022 is 140.40 billion nairas for the normal budget of the police station and the rest is 100 naira.

However, Yakubu said the $ 100 billion in the April account was completely insufficient, requiring more than $ 205 billion. The head of the National Statistics Institute justified the intervention by saying that the commission had held eight farewell elections, including elections for the Ekiti government and the Sun government.

He said the commissioners’ request goes through the executive, which is part of the executive. In a very long document in 22 parts with 260 budget lines, we put forward a proposal of 305 billion nairas for the parliamentary elections of 2023. Details: the law on gender equality returns to the Senate

When the executive project was presented to the National Assembly, the National Energy Institute received 140,000 million ships as a budget line and we had an exchange of views as a whole. House and Senate. “140 billion N are divided in half. Let’s assume N40 billion is our normal budget as a government agency and $ 100 billion was our first budget for 2022, and we met to discuss this. . ”

Yаkubu also some non-activities must be disclosed before voting and elections, such as shopping machines, voter registration, the printing of players and hallmates. The head of the National Statistical Office also informed the commission that the commission had ignored the conflicting appointments made by the leaders and that the commissioner was running for general elections.

Yakubu also reported that the National Statistics Institute suspended his departure from the eastern province of Ekiti-Sun after four failed attempts. Regrets the massacre of brochures in the last act and the massacre of security and election officers in assembly units.

“INEEC will never expose irregularities. The elections will not be repeated until next June during the gubernatorial elections, “he added.

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