What to consider before becoming an influencer


Let me talk to influencers and brand ambassadors.

I’m pretty sure you wanna become an influencer. Who wouldn’t want to be?

You want to have all it takes to make people do what they ordinarily won’t do. Celebrity no be beans.

That feeling when brands and businesses begin to contact you to place ads on your pages to make sales.


Becoming famous does not just make you an influencer, it also brings money to your bank account and food on your table.

Firstly, a company involved in financial activities contacted me last year to advertise them.

They wanted to reach two million people through my media platforms.

It took me six months to consider the offer, not because I don’t need the 💸 but because so many people will count on my credibility to deal with the company.

I was paid for the job and I delivered the expected results in two weeks.

I remember how people kept interrogating me to be sure my account is not hacked and that I verified the company thoroughly.

One even called and ask if I’ve invested in the company or I’m just advertising for them.

This is a show that most people just want to follow you, and it will be disappointing to lead them astray.

Another friend insisted I must add a disclaimer on my posts concerning the company should there be any hụhuụhụ tomorrow.

There are also my fellow vawulence friends who told me to strike the deal immediately because “This is Nigeria”… You know what that means.

Now, the next stage was investing with the company to convince my followers that it’s not a scam.

Sha, I registered and the ROI is in dollars, yet I’ve not told anybody because I still want to understand the business to my satisfaction.

Now that I’ve shared this, I can tell you about the business🤪


Secondly, you know say I be handsome man😁

An international jewelry company contacted me to influence for them.

Omo🙆‍♂️ it was juicy🥛

I only need to take shots with there products and I’ll receive all kinds of jewelry for my use and sale.

I considered one thing… My background and Faith😞

I asked my Dad if he’ll be happy to see me wear earrings, he said No🤦‍♂️

I asked my pastor if he’ll like to see his son on billboards with some sorts of artificial, he said No🤷‍♂️

Don’t forget I still have my gbasgbos friends who just want us to make the 💰

For them, it’s just a business, but for me it’s a matter of reputation.

I always remember I’ll be a man of God one day in life🫡

That consciousness never leaves me😉

So I declined the offer☹️

I don’t have time to keep this long letter on….

What I’m trying to say is this,

In your quest for money, remember your name and those relying on your decisions.

The reason you’re called an influencer is because you have the ability to make people do what they ordinarily would not do.


If you’re a brand ambassador, just know that you’re not representing a business, you’re representing a name.
Brand means name!

Whatever happens to the brand, you’re held responsible for it.

Let me repeat this,
In your quest for money, remember your name and those relying on your decisions.

This are the things you should consider before becoming an influencer.

Ndewo nụ

✍️ Elekwachi Chukwudi

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