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Light and Salt 7- Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph

Light and Salt 7- Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph

  • Your mind is powerful. The more you fill it with positive things, your life will change.


  • Be soft and cool like water so that you can adjust anywhere in life. Be hard and attractive like diamond so that no one can toy with your emotions.


  • Life is not always perfect. There is always a possibility for problems. The problem is not the end but the beginning of a new life. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.


  • Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without faith and self confidence. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


  • Do not be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself trying to please everyone to stay.




  • Your purpose is hidden in your passion. The more you persist, the closer your success.. NEVER GIVE UP!!

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  • Life ends when u stop dreaming. Love ends when u stop Believing. Hope ends when u stop Hearing


  • When situations around you has conspired to make you sad. Disappoint them by making yourself happy..


  • No matter how big the problem is, dust it and hug it!


  • Unbelief is the only reason for the poverty of the mind. It is in You to achieve your purpose in life.


  • Fanaticism consist of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.


  • Strong convictions precedes great actions.


Light and Salt 7 compiled by Elekwachi Chukwudi Joseph 

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