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Mosquitoes- Elekwachi Chukwudi Champion


At this point, I wish to sound scientific as someone I love fondly calls me ‘English Doctor’😁

Mosquitoes have terminated too many lives globally than Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s so sad😭 that the people left alive are in perpetual sickness because of mosquitoes.

Sometime ago, it was discovered that mosquitoes have what it takes to cure HIV/AIDS but the challenge is how to gather multitude of them. On this note I dare the World Bank to contract Nigerians in gathering these wicked creature and see if we won’t have Mosquito companies in five days.

Our Universities will inaugurate Mosquito Science while Polytechnics will have Mosquitology departments, that within five years we shall graduate Mosquito Scientists and Mosquitologists respectively.

Even before then, if I’m contracted with $100b per annum to gather mosquitoes, I will declare N100 per mosquito and unemployment will become a history in Nigeria👏👏👏.

Well, that’s by the way….

What was I trying to say sef🤔?

Ehe… I remember now🤣🤣🤣

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Mosquito is one of the most witty and cunning creatures in the universe today and it takes keenness to observe their weaknesses as I have done.

In this Corona era, I spend two hours every night chasing mosquitoes😭. These little things have dealt with me sorely and I’ve won them now. That’s why I write this to teach you.

Do you know that if mosquitoes do not have very short life span, they will grow like birds and suck all humans to eternity.

I keep wondering why the thing must suck my blood before it dies.

Since it knows its life span is just two weeks, why not starve and die or even feed on other things than humans.

Well, that’s their nature and they must live up to expectations to please and praise their creator too.


Did you know that mosquitoes perch on the floor? I just discovered this last week.

Now, let me teach you how to notice and kill them easily.

When you flash your torch light focusing on items and objects in your room but can’t find them, yet you’re feeling the pains of their bites on you; just place the torchlight on the ground and rotate it gradually. Their shadows will betray them, and you’ll see them chilling on your blood. At this point they can’t see. What you’ll do is to leave the light on that position and strike from above. You’ll definitely smash it.

If you flash the light on the floor from an upward position, you won’t see them because they’re tiny and the brightness of the light will hinder your sight of them.

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If you do this and it works eehhh….

Do not thank me in your heart😄
Scroll back to this post and say thank you.
It’s not easy to wake up in the midnight to kill mosquitoes🤣🤣🤣.

Please, do take care of yourself

✍️Your English Doctor
©Elekwachi CCJ.

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